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On this page, you can find LoL smurf accounts at every rank !  Eloboostlords verify manually every account, one by one, to make sure their information is accurate so you can buy your smurf account safely. 

Choose the LoL smurf you need


You can see different types of LoL account for sale. Players who just want to start League of Legends without spending time to level up can choose unranked Level 30 accounts. Those who only look for a LoL smurf get high elo accounts adapted to their current rank on their main. Choose the one that fits your needs

Advantages of buying smurf accounts


There are many benefits in buying a league of legends account. As you may know, it takes much effort and time to either reach Level 30 or to climb in the ladder. Playing on a smurf account can be an alternative to boosting.

Why would you need a LoL smurf?

- Try new champions or strategies

- Test your limits

-Play duo queue with someone who is lower tiers than you

And many more.

Delivery and guarantee


After purchasing your account, you will instantly receive its informations by email.

Can I buy a LoL account and be sure it will not get banned ? We offer a replacement guarantee in case your account is banned for this reason. You only need to justify your replacement request by showing us the email that explains why your account has been suspended.