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Step 1 : Choose your Elo boost

You can choose between six different types of elo boost:

Solo Elo boost
Duo queue boost
Solo Netwins
Duo Netwins
Placement Matches
Tier Boosting Pack
First step is choosing your boost
Second step : Fill in the forms

STEP 2 : Fill in the form

Select everything you need and give the informations needed for the booster. Don't forget to press the button "add to your cart" and check the summary. Don't worry, if you did a mistake in the form, you can still contact our support so we can modify your informations.

STEP 3 : Check out

Simply confirm your order by choosing your payment method. offers secured payments for our platform.


STEP 4 : Track your order

You will quickly receive an e-mail to confirm your order and you will be able to talk with your booster following this link :

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