How Coaching and ELO Boosting Can Work Together

Fundamentally, ELO Boosting and coaching differ in more ways than one, but still share the similar end goal of improving a player’s standing in a particular game. In the world of competitive gaming, both play an essential part in not just for the betterment of players but also for refining gaming’s overall quality.

Throughout the past few years, the popularity of competitive gaming sparked millions of regular players to understand and take their gaming to the next level. In this regard, both coaching and ELO boosting helped a lot of players fulfill their long-term dreams. Despite all that, it is essential not to forget that both methods share some differences that set them apart.

ELO boosting might be a legal and open service, but it does involve the risk of the account getting banned or hacked during the take their gaming to the next level next levelly safe, and one of the most effective means to learn the game. But it can be a slow process as it focuses on personal improvement and not merely boosting the ELO.

With all said and done, the question arises on making both coaching and ELO boosting more optimal while serving the original purpose with no limitations. In this regard, the duo boost in LOL is probably the ideal approach to this issue. It allows the player to not just engage with the booster or coach but queue and play together on the same team.

Duo queue is an excellent implementation of learning and improving the skills simultaneously, winning the games, and rising above the ranks. It is similar to playing alongside your friends and having a fun time together. But it hinders your growth as a player if your friends share the same skill level and understanding of the game as you. It takes up to months and mostly forever to make noticeable progress in this process.

However, coaching and ELO boosting are different as you deal with an experienced and possibly professional player you might have never encountered during your regular matchmaking routine. The ranking systems do not allow queueing with players with varying skill brackets. But, when you play alongside a coach or booster, they help in overhauling that system in a way that focuses on benefiting and prioritizing your needs. It implies that an experienced person is becoming the guideline that makes you perform in a way that is nothing like the other players in your bracket.

Even with both merging both methods or coming up with an even more practical approach, there is no 100% guarantee that it will positively impact. But what matters the most is what can bring that average as close to 100 as possible. It often gets hard to digest all the knowledge and effectively implement each new technique into your daily gameplay. Still, the knowledge and understanding that directly comes from minor coaching or boosting sessions might prove much more useful than your entire lifetime worth of learning by yourself.

Ultimately, whether it be rising in the rankings or harnessing the abilities to become a better player for yourself and others, ELO boosting and coaching both shares an essential purpose in the ever-growing competitive gaming community. It is only right to look for a smarter and most effective method that hits two birds with one stone.

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