How does MMR works in LoL and how to check it?

Matchmaking rating is the hidden data of your real League of Legends account rank. Your tier or division is only a representation at any time of your rank. It’s mainly affected by your win/loss ratio and you have an idea about the state of your MMR by looking at your LP gain.

How does it work?

MMR can be directly impacted in many situations.

  • First, if you are doing a losing streak at 0lp in Gold 4 for example, then your MMR will be closer to silver 1 than Gold 4. However, there is visually no difference in your ranking (but you can notice a bigger LP loss).
  • In the opposite case, imagine that you are at 99 lp in Gold 1 before accessing the promotion series to Platinum 4 and that you win 4 games in a row until Platinum. Your next wins are going to give you +20 lp on average, whereas you would win less if you were at 85 lp before your promotion followed by a 3-2 result in the best of 5 (which is totally logic!)

We can estimate an average LP gain at 18 lp for each win. But we need to take into account each MMR of each player in every single game. Indeed, winning against better players with higher MMR than you are going to increase yours so that you are going to win more points. High ELO players who are using a smurf account can even skip divisions after a huge winning streak. That is why account boosting is obviously a fast solution to fix his matchmaking rating. Its advantage is not only to increase the number of points gained but also to save more time.

Where can you check your MMR?

Many websites exist to check their MMR. You have access to this data on and see more details about your LoL account. This is not the only MMR checker that you could find, but it’s probably the most precise one.

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