Is elo boost safe or bannable ?

Elo boosting in League of Legends exists for years already and there are still today many questions around it. Some LoL players are wondering if elo boosting their account is something risky or not and why.
It is actually not easy to verify and most of them are simply hearing rumors about it that can influence their choice to buy an elo boost or not.
So here is our point of you after years of experience.

Evaluate the risk to get banned

Depending on which service you are using, your account might be more or less exposed to a suspension. In fact, Some elo boosting services aren’t taking care of player’s account and don’t secure it. For a maximum safety during the elo boost, it’s highly recommended to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that your account can’t be targeted. For example, if you are from Netherlands, you only have to tell your booster your location and he will log in directly from this country using the VPN. Then, the system can’t detect that you are not playing. With this software, the banrate doesn’t go above 1% from what we saw.
In a case where the booster is not using it and he lives miles away from the real owner of the account, it becomes to obvious and there is a very high chance to get suspended or banned in the worst case if it’s not the first warning.
Outside of serious elo boost service, you can’t really be sure about the quality you will get in terms of delays and safety so you need to avoid that.

An elo boost can be legit

Did you notice that your losing streak can sometimes not be derserved? Many players have this feeling several times during the ranked season and unfortunately, there is not much to do against the matchmaking.
You can play with leavers, trolls or inters and you will lose LPs for free.
Then why wouldn’t you buy elo boosting and get your rank back. After all, you are maybe skilled enough to handle your lanes against higher elo players, but you are maybe not lucky. And if you don’t have the skill required to play at the elo you desired, you will just demote and encourage you to improve.
Also, after leaving the games for weeks and losing your League points because of inactivity, it’s not really fair to have to win lots of games and don’t see any progress of your elo. Moreover, if the players can’t buy the boost they need when they are tilting, they would probably give up the game and that’s not what the developers want.
Finally, elo boost is legit if you play in Duo queue with a booster who can coach you. Indeed, he is going to help you understand LoL better, so when the elo boost is completed, you will most likely not lose the LP you gained with the booster because you will be used to play with better players than you.

Always check how experienced is the service or booster you are contacting for elo boost. Remember that it can’t be completely safe and any case, but you can still lower the risks by choosing the right boosters do it.
You can be sure about one thing: the players who are buying an elo boost are the same people who are buying RP, so there is no logical interests from the developers to ban any account for this reason, unless they do it too often.

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