Is the position rank efficient for the ranked system?

The new position rank was announced before the Season 9 and is now in preview in North America and Korea. It was supposed to improve, globally, the matchmaking to make it more fair. Now, after seeing how it influenced the game experience, can we still say that it balanced the matchmaking?

A complex system

This new system was supposed to simplify the ranked games by giving one rank for each position to all the players. It means that the LP gained at the end of the game are going to be distributed according to the role played during the game. But the developers specify that even if the player win in secondary role, the global rank is still going to be influenced. However, when it’s a loss, he is going to lose less LP. This shouldn’t interfere those who want to choose a diferent role during the season.

A worrying new system

Some players stay suspicious about this new game experience. First, the players might need to play a lot more games if they want to increase their global elo knowing that the lp gain is less important on other positions. This is in fact what has been said in the comments made during the season 9. Moreover, we don’t know exactly how many games the players who change their role need to play before gaining the LP they should.

Not convincing results

Even if the developers got positive results during their Normal Draft previews last summer, it doesn’t seem to be the case for those realised in ranked games. During their preview, the queue time and the chance tog et the main role for the players were still the same while the win rate was increased on the other position. In ranked games, the main problem comes from the highest ranks, because the lp gain and the balance is not amazing in Diamond which makes low Diamond players play with Masters.

A new announcement is planned for 8th March, so we are going to know more about what still needs a fix.

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