LoL Coaching

Our LoL coaches


Eloboostlords selected for you talented coaches that already have years of experience. LoL coaching can be a very effective way to increase your ranking in the long term.



To maximize your improvements during the coaching session, choose a coach who plays the same role or champions than you. All our coaches have a different method to teach you how to become better at League of Legends. That's our main goal !


What you can learn

No matter what your current rank is, our coaches can adapt to your elo and give you advice on many aspects of the game. It will be mostly about macro plays, but you can check more in their description

How to book sessions

On our coaches profile, you can see what the price is for a 1 hour coaching session. Once you confirm your session, you will receive an email that will give you his Discord ID. Then, you can discuss with him and schedule your session.