New ranked system for the next season

New ranked system for the next season

This new ranked system has been announced some days ago, here are some details about it:

What are the main changes ?
They are adding 2 division: Grand Master (between Master and Challenger) and Iron ( below Bronze). They also reduce the number of division for each tier (from 5 to 4).

Why change and add divisions?
Mainly for 2 reasons: reducing the level gap between Diamond 1 and Diamond 5 players ( this gap was negativ for the meaning of the Diamond tier).
They were thinking about spliting the Master tier in 4 division but it would result in the same problem than now in the current Diamond 5.

What will be new ?
This change will bring more competition inb the last tiers. A feature will be added allowing to see when you are going to have an higher rank than another player (you will see his name) or when someone is going to have a better rank than you.
The client interface will be upgraded and one of the main diference is that you will see how many points you need to stay or to reach a specific rank. For more informations check

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