Nexus Blitz: a fun game mode?

What is this game mode?

It appeared during the 8.16 patch notes. There are still 5 players ingame but… with 2 junglers. Those jungler have to work together if they want to clean their jungle as fast as possible
The rift herald and buffs are still there, but you are going to see new items and also a new “event” mod: during all the game (starting at 4 minutes 15), you will have to play cooperate with your team to fight for an objectiv. If you win the event, you win a bonus (like a shield or something else). The average game time is 15 minutes.
This bring more fun to League of Legends and a completely diferent game mod than normal games or ARAM.

Whats players think about this mode?

First, players could see some bugs (no events during the game, the first creeps wave crashing under tower at minute 1…) but since this game mode is getting updated and upgraded frequently, players managed to make this game mod better by sending their reviews.
For riftherald.comis talking about it in one of their news and says “this is the most fun mode that has been made on LoL for a long time”. But here are some reviews from others sources:
“Great, fun overall”
“the rift is too powerfull”
“the preparation time is too long”
“the speed of the game is so high that death timers need to be lower”
“fighters seems terrible to play”

Nexus blitz looks promising and will maybe last for several months

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