Duo Net Wins

2.9047.00 Price and Points earned are multiplied by the number of games bought.

Earn up to 47 Points.

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After the validation of your order, you will receive a confirmation email and you can start using our “Booster – Customer Chat” to talk with the booster assigned to your order.

Duo Net Wins means an high elo player is going to be assigned to your order and he will play with you in Duo until you get the number of wins you wanted (for example if you buy 2 wins but the booster lost one, he will have to win 3 games). If you chose the “Coaching” option, the booster will give you some advises during your boost to help you improving. Losses at 0 lp or during a promotion series doesn’t count in the final win/loss ratio

In this type of DuoQ win boosting, you can use the chat to ask for specific days or hours to start or continue, or just write it in the notes.