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Hello! My name is Krupicek and I have been playing League of Legends since the Pre-
Season 4, I am a high elo player every season and my peak was rank 1 in Season 8. I have
been coaching and boosting ever since. I have done 500+ orders in boosting and 100+
coached hours. I am currently maining jungle role but I am very confident to play and carry in
every role, I know advantages and disadvantages of every champ and basically every
I can teach you every single aspect of the game, including mechanics, micro (skillshots,
laning, combos, teamfighting) and macro (wards, positioning, rotations, objectives, teamfight
set-up, shotcalls), meta champions, proper item builds, proper runes, kiting etc. I am used to
doing coaching in two ways (you can choose which one suits you more). We can play duo a
ranked (or whatever game mode you wish) and I can coach you in game what to do. In 1
hour of coaching I am able to play 2 games with you (even if it is not exactly 1 hour ^_^) –
This method is not as good as the other one in terms of knowledge I can provide since I
need to focus on my gameplay too to secure a win. But it is a quite good way to get usually
two wins along with the tips ^-^. The second method is to screen share (through discord or
skype) your game with me so I can exactly see what you are doing and guide you in every
second of the game. I will also record this game so we can review the game after you finish
it. – This method is extremely good if you really wanna improve a lot.

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