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Placement matches boost

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After the validation of your order, you will receive a confirmation email and you can start using our “Booster – Customer Chat” to talk with the booster who will play your placement games.


A placement matches boost means a high elo player is going to be assigned to your order and he is going to play on your account to win as many games as possible in your placement matches. If you buy 10 games and the booster didn’t win 7 of them, he will offer a full division after the 10 placements games. If you need less than 10 games, you can see our guarantee in our FAQ.


A LOL Placement boost is a good way to help you start the League of Legends season as high as possible. We all know how frustrating it is to fail placements games so we are aware that’s important for you to succeed at the beginning of each season. This could also help you if you were not active in the game for a long time and if you are scared to not perform well enough.

Why a placement matches boost is important?

Your first ranked games can massively influence your entire season. Playing them is very risky as you have no room for error out of those 10 games.

If you already started your placement matches, this is not a problem: select how many games you need and we will complete your boost according to it. Choosing your last season rank will indicate to us the difficulty of the boost you need