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In a Solo Elo boost, the booster is going to play on your account.

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After buying your elo boost, you will receive a confirmation email and you can start using our “Booster – Customer Chat” to talk with the booster assigned to your order.

Most of time, your boost will be started within 10 minutes.

Soloboosting means a high elo player is going to be assigned to your order and he is going to play ranked games on your account until he reaches your desired elo. If you chose the “Use champions” option, the booster will play as many games as possible with the champions you selected during your elo boost.


In Soloboost, you can ask us to play on offline mod, or to pause your elo boost if you need to log in to your account or to play some normal games. Just ask directly to the booster on the chat or send us a message.


In this type of eloboost, we can do easily 1 division a day.
Your account is going to be secured by a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which means your account is not targetable so you don’t get banned.


If you are in promotion games, then select Netwins (3 wins for a Best of 5)