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Hello, I’m Bill. I have consistently reached Challenger on NA since season 6, peaking Rank 39! I can provide high quality coaching in every role, but my specialties are in the Jungle, Mid Lane, and Top Lane. Here are some of the things I can teach you in a coaching session:


– Choosing the correct runes, summoner spells, and builds for every game, and when to know what to build.

– Matchups; Trading, Poking, Kiting, and Zoning

– Jungle matchups, efficient ganking and enemy jungler tracking, how & when to gank, and how to snowball a lead

– How to close out games when ahead, and how to come back when behind

– Counter-jungling, vertical jungling, invading, understanding lane priority and how to use it

– When to take objectives vs. when to gank lanes

– Knowing when your power spikes are

– Map awareness, warding, vision control

– Strategy and decision making

– How to prioritize objectives (Dragons, Herald, Towers)

– How to keep improving after the coaching session

– How to win games from behind

Typically when the coaching session begins, we will talk about your goals for your coaching session, and look at your history to see what we can improve on. This will all be done and not count towards your hour of coaching. Methods we can use for your coaching; Feel free to pick an option, or give me some ideas that you have. I have a very open mind!

– Going over game theory & focusing on matchups for lanes & junglers

– VOD reviews of your games to point out strengths and weaknesses of your play

– Spectating your live games on a stream or screen share

– Explaining and showing essentials in a custom game

I look forward to coaching you soon!