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I’m a league player since season 1. I’ve hit master+ ELO for the first time during season 4 and my peak is challenger 700lp EUW. Mostly I prefer to play mid lane or jungle but my game knowledge is not narrowed to these two. I’m experienced not only as a player but also as a person. That’s why during our sessions we will also work on mental and behavioral health which is crucial on your journey to become a better player.


I’m flexible with any demands and my schedule is almost 24/7, but there is only one catch – I need to know earlier to be here for you.


The first session (in most of the cases it will be general/overall game knowledge):


Why more general coaching during the first session? Well, this game has a lot of aspects that you have to work on, and within 1-2 hours of the session, it is impossible to talk about all the things that matter.


How does it look like you may ask, well we will start with a small conversation about what would you like to work on and we will set a goal for our session and for you as a player. It may take some time so I am down to extend our session by 15-30 minutes if needed.


What can I do for you:

– Always I will start with an overview of your OPGG,

– Spectate your game and give you feedback after,

– Play games with you and give you examples of proper decisions during the game,

– Watch the live stream of your game and guide you to the victory,

– Explanation of what items and runes to take based on specific matchups, team comps (all games may differ)

– Overall micro and macro knowledge and trivia

– Probably so much more but can’t think about more detailed things, be indulgent towards me please I am just a human 😀