Teamfight tactics: New game mode

What is it?

Teamfight tactics is a strategic game which is played by rounds. Each team creates his own champions composition and place them at the most optimal place to win the fight.
During each round, the player can recruit new champions and by spending his gold.
Then he will be able to unlock upgrades on his champions so it makes them more and more powerfull.

How and why creating this mode?

The goal is to increase the number of game modes available outside of classic game modes like URF for example.
This concept is innovating for League of Legends and should last for a while once the bugs of the beta version will be fixed.

Customized avatar

If you play teamfight tactics you will play with animated critters and those will be your avatar. The first one will be available for free, then after your first game, the 5 others critters will cost 750RP.

This game mode will be available on PBE later in June.

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