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Users read and agreed the following terms or use of eloboostlords.com. Those terms of use can be modified anytime. Informations about the contract between the customer or user and eloboostlords.com, the service provider.


All the services proposed by eloboostlords.com are presented and described in a most precise possible way. However, the description displayed can be incomplete or inaccurate and the information given on this website can be also modified. Seller reserves the right to change prices at any moment, but if the customer validated his order, he will pay the price that was appearing on the website when he validated his order.

A booster is a person (a player) that will rank up the customer's account.

Intellectual property

All elements (text,logo…) of eloboostlords.com are the intellectual property of the owner of the website. Registered trademarks mentioned on eloboostlords.com are used to described services. The website owner does not claim to be the owner or representative of the trademarks,brand and intellectual properties of others. eloboostlords.com isn’t associated, affiliated with nor endorsed by Riot Games,inc. eloboostlords.com doesn't represent the Riot games point of view. Other credit: shutterstock.com

Personal data

Owner of the website collect informations about users for is professional activity. These informations can be used as a proof of the trading between the user and eloboostlords.com and won’t be sent to anyone.

Technicals data

This website use Javascript. Users accept installing cookies on their computer. User must have a mailbox which works.

Payment method

To make an order, user has to create an account on eloboostlords.com. When the user is logged in, he can validate is order and use  Paypal, Idea, Bancontact, Giropay, EPS, bank transfer or his credit card to make payment on eloboostlords.com. The payment gateway provider: Mollie.com


Orders are delivered by email and in-game services. Eloboostlords doesn't sell any physical products


Users read and understand Riot Games terms of use so he knows that all services proposed on eloboostlords.com don’t respect the Riot Games terms of use.

Owner of the website can't be responsible of what the boosters are writing in the "Live Chat Booster-Customer" on the eloboostlords.com/ticket page.

Owner of the website can't be responsible for all the actions taken against any account

The user must inform the service provider his in-game account informations and his current division and League Point. These informations have to be correct.




eloboostlords.com reserves the right to refund the user if the order isn’t started in the 7 days following the validation of the order if the user asks for it.

eloboostlords.com reserves the right to refund totally or partially the user if the service isn’t provided yet before the end of the League of Legends ranked season if the user asks for it.

If the user wins less than 10 Points League, the order can be converted into win boosting if the user agrees. If the user disagrees, he will be refunded.


In all others cases, the user accept to not be refunded.


eloboostlords.com reserves the right to consider the order as completed if the user is inactive for 21 days or shows no interest in finishing a "duoboost" or "duo netwins" order.


eloboostlords.com reserves the right to consider the order as completed if the customer played ranked games on his account while his order (the boost) was still in progress. In this case, the user agrees to not be refunded.


Account Sales:


Due to the nature of eloboostlords products (digital goods), refund requests are not allowed after a purchase. However, eloboostlords may replace an account that has been banned for “Purchase of an account” or “Use of a 3rd party program to level to 30”. In this case, the buyer needs to send a copy of the ban notice at admin@eloboostlords.com We only offer replacement for banned accounts and no refund will be made.

Eloboostlords does not own the League of Legends accounts for sale. Those accounts are provided by the users