The exact date of the end of Season 10

The year 2020 was not much smooth sailing for competitive gaming and many other sectors including League of Legends. But, even in such highs and lows, season 10 introduced brought several exciting features to the game such as the unveiling of new champions on a regular interval. The highlights of the season feature Lillia and Yone, massively influencing the
game overall.  Moreover, the meta is far more unpredictable and extensive than ever in the past. One of the significant changes to the inner working of League of Legends comprises of the functioning of dragons. Each season brings about something exclusive to the League and comes to a conclusion,
and the same goes for season 10.

The exact date has been announced and we know the ranked season ends on 8th November. However, as the official date for Worlds 2020 draws near, it indicates that the season 10 will soon be coming to a conclusion as well.  Riot Games makes sure to disclose the exact date one month prior to the conclusion of a League of Legends season. Still, there is more than enough time before 2021 preseason for players to work on getting end of season rewards, be it themselves or by using the ELO boost services.

Looking at the history of League season, we knew that season 10 will come to a close sometime in November. However, considering the unpredictable events that occurred throughout the year 2020, it is safe to assume that they don’t want to reveal information about preseason at the same time.  On top of that, Riot is also looking to introduce something new to the League in 2021 preseason. There will be an overhauled matchmaking system called ranked informed matchmaking. It will focus on providing much more balanced gameplay for players from the perspective of division and an LP. Moreover, there will be no duo queue for Master tier players and beyond in order to minimize the smurf accounts in the preseason.

With all said and done, the only thing players can do for now is to try very hard to reach the highest possible rank to get their rewards. The most extended League season was the very first season that lasted 406 days and season 6 is the shortest with a span of 296 days. As per the last two seasons, Riot revised their plans to fixate the League seasons to an exact 300 days.  It indicates that we could have expected the season 10 might come to a conclusion on 8th November 2020. Still, with about a month left until that date, it ensures that the players should start counting days towards the introduction of a new chapter in the history books of League of Legends.

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