Time to play ARURF!

The ARURF game mode is back! It was previously announced for January 24th but acutally it’s going to start 28th January. What do you need to know about it?

It seems like this game mode has been changed compared to the last time it was available and you will see some things in common with ARAM and Nexus Raid: the entire team will now be able to get a reroll and select the champions your teammates benched.
The champion cannon will be there to bring more animation and avoid to wait too long between the fights while TP got deleted.
Buffs and nerfs will balance the game so that the less picked champions can be more powerfull (Aatrox, Rek’Sai, Zac), some of other champions were too strong (Jax, Fiora,Zed).
About elementary drakes, they have been replaced by an “URF Elder Dragon” that spawns at 6 minutes ingame (Nashor is spawning at 10).
Few days left before we see how good is this mode!

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