What do you learn from your duo queue with Challengers?

You maybe know different ways to improve yourself on League of Legends but did you wonder which one was the most effective?
When people wants to have a decent knowledge on LoL, they look for stats on the web and go for exemple on but they don’t always know why the best are building a stuff instead of another.
Playing in duo with the best players make it easier for you to understand their choices: the synergy between the items, why they choose this champion agaisnt this one, how does he counter him, what does it bring to your team and a lot more.
They can even make you try new things you never thought about before. Obviously, during the duoboost, you will realize what is the difference between your elo and high elo. The coordination between the 5 players is much more significant.
A Challenger player can help you anticipating and predict enemies movement so that you get a high reaction time.
If you are communicating with him, you can ask him to explain his point of view about that state of your current game: for example the win conditions, what you need to do in case you fall behind or when you can try to catch someone.
If you think that all the videos you watched on social media didn’t help you enough, you should change your strategy to see directly ingame with the most experienced Chall and see if you became stronger.


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