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What do you need to know about elo boosting on LoL and why you should choose us.

You maybe noticed that there are many websites who can offer elo boost on League of Legends, but choosing the right boosting service shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many points to think about before giving his own information to anyone and being sure that the boost will be done as you expected. This is the top3 things to check.

How skilled are the boosters

Some services are hiring low Diamond players and think that they will be able to provide a correct service to anyone, which is wrong. Only players who are at least Diamond 1 or higher can ensure an high win rate on every boosts without having any problem. This is why we ask for many requirements before a player can join our services, but he is also getting paid more for each order he completes. Not only the player has to be around Master tier, but he also needs to have a professional attitude, like in any other working environment. For example, respecting each customer request or keeping them updated about how the order is going is a basic thing that is required. On average, they shouldn’t have any problem to boost around 1 division a day for orders below Diamond.

Is your account secure

Being sure that your account is secure during the elo boost is essential. On other websites, the boosters are usually not using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which has always been very efficient since the begining of elo boosting. Actually, it makes the boost more secret in the eyes of the game (you can also appear offline) since it’s hard to know who is playing on the account if the booster is setting up the VPN correctly. Outside of boosting services, you will rarely see someone who even knows that this technique exists.

The price is of an elo boost not always an indicator

Don’t rely too much on the price of an elo boost to know if a service can be great or not. On every boost, the total price is divided between the booster and the company, but the earning for the booster differs according to the services. On our service, the boosters are getting a much more earnings compared to other website, even if the total price for the customer is still low. This only means that the company takes less from it. So it doesn’t affect the experience from a customer point of view, he only pays less and can still be sure that the booster will do great since his payment for the boost is high.

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