What You Need to Know About L9

In the world of League of Legends, almost every player heard the name L9, but not everyone is familiar with its history. L9 or Low nine, refers to a troll EUW group that came into existence by the hands of 0bsess and RatIRL. Including them, there are four core members of this group: very high ELO players and now play at professional and big streamers.

The primary purpose of L9 was to troll other high tier players and get famous on social media. The funny is that they succeeded in doing so with their extremely toxic behavior. RatIRL was well known within the community with his ELO boosting and how people considered him a cheater, regarding how quickly and effortlessly he did the deed.

Other members also possessed exceptional capabilities in solo queue and made a name for themselves in the LOL community one way or the other. This article will help you understand more about the L9 and its members.

Toxicity and Sheer Talent Define L9 Members

The massively popular and competitive games like League of Legends unite players with varying personalities on a single platform. It would not be surprising if there were some rude players among them that look down upon other players. Every gamer experiences such a situation at least once in their life. On the other hand, some players manage to inspire others with their skills and top-class gameplay. But there are only a handful of players that fit L9 members’ personalities, which are both exceptionally good and rude natured at the same time.

The only two members of L9 in the beginning, 0bsess, and RatIRL blew up big time in the LOL community when people became aware that RatIRL was a professional player. It inspired the community in more ways than one and gave the already toxic community to use L9 as a medium to feed their egos. Some people show their loyalty by putting L9 or Low9 in their gamer tags even to this day.

What started as a joke and trolling made people become a part of them or hire them for LOL boosting. L9 would continuously switch to some different clans when it would fill up with players. There were even players that would pay them to become a part of their squad. It is no doubt that what started as a meme left a long-lasting impression in the Legends league’s history books.

Although there are more L9 members than listed below, below are a few of the players that stand out the most in one way or the other.


Flaming and trash talking defined 0bsess for who he was in the past. But now he refined himself in an excellent manner and went on to play for some teams as well. At the moment, he is a part of mousesports and is performing fairly well.

It will always remain a mystery whether 0bsess left behind his toxic history for the sake of himself or for his professional career. Nowadays, he only takes part in national leagues, but the LEC does not appear out of reach for him either, considering another member of L9 already managed to make it big.


RatIRL is the mastermind behind the making of legacy named as L9. In the beginning, it was just him and 0bsess duo queuing, but their number doubled in no time. Before making it big on Twitch, RatIRL was known as one of the most prominent players in LOL boosting. 

RatIRL boosted accounts so fast that people accused him of hacking, which is the ultimate unintentional compliment, as any LOL player will know. While RatIRL was never a hacker, he has been banned more than once.

However, RatIRL does seem to have followed the other team members and cleaned up his act. That being said, the trail of banned accounts has stained his reputation a little, despite RatIRL being a good boy now. No matter what he’s done, though, you can’t deny that RatIRL is a god at climbing on smurf accounts. Well, he has given up his main activities at least, but he still streams on Twitch.


Despite this person’s reputation, he was not the most famous member of L9 because he rarely streamed. The reason being he would get drunk or play in a laidback and underwhelming manner.

Although best known as the duo partner of RatIRL, Ap0calypse ended up making a name for himself as well in the form of number 1 Mordekaiser player in the world. When taking into account his high ranking, it is possible that Ap0calypse did some boosts for L9 as well.

Over the years, he reached high Challenger multiple times with superb win ratios reaching 85-90%. These days, he is a Support player, and considering his account not getting banned in a long time, it appears that he underwent a decent reformation phase but still not much compared to his other members.


There are certainly a handful of players who choose a gaming name and live up to its meaning. It is undeniable that L9 assisted him in reaching the heights that he is currently, but his personality was unlike any of the other L9 members. Compared to his other squad members, Selfmademan seemed no less than an angel as he was never toxic, but in fact, respectful and liked chatting with people.

In the spring 2019 LEC, despite the shortcomings and poor performance of his team, he played exceptionally well and earned a ton of awards. He is one of the most impactful members of Fnatic, one of the most popular teams in the world.

In the past, he also earned himself the opportunity to play for teams such as MAD Lions and SK Gaming. He also serves as a living example that regardless of a sea full of toxic players, just individuals do exist in the midst of it as well. 

The Present State of L9

Every tale comes to an end, and so did the L9, and it is probably the best possible outcome. Some rumors indicate that the players do not even communicate with each other anymore. Even the best friends, RatIRL and 0bsess seem to have fallen out considering both did not duo queue in a long time. Selfmademan drew a much deeper line towards his approach, which makes perfect sense.

Despite their identities, L9 members set a solid example that a positive change can occur for any person. These players now represent the League competitive scene, streaming platform, and setting an example for the other players in one way or the other. It also shows how much the League of Legends community managed to reform itself in recent years.

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