When does LOL Season 11 Start?

Season 10 of League of Legends concluded on 10th November this year, gracing the players with admirable additions to the gameplay, whether it be brand new champions, patch updates, or even the seasonal rewards. Though, the professional scene of LOL suffered immensely similar to any other Esports title as a consequence of the global pandemic. Regardless, all of that is now a thing of the past as the fans are now making preparations to welcome the ranked season 11 of League of legends that will be commencing the upcoming year on 9th January 2021.

Taking into account the RIOT Games completely overhauling the item shop, resulting in the items itself as well as build choices for probably every champion in League of Legends. It is fair to assume that season 11 will bring along some of the major reworks and changes that LOL ever witnessed across its long-running season history. RIOT Games test out the pre-season updates for about two months and search for issues and solutions within that time frame.

Furthermore, RIOT also makes sure to provide enough time ahead of the launch date to let players prepare themselves for the ELO reset and grinding for the placement games. For now, if you look at the chart below, it will enlighten you as to how RIOT deals with the season introductions and endings.

League of Legends SeasonBeginning DateConclusion Date
Season 113th July, 201023rd August, 2011
Season 229th November, 201112th November, 2012
Season 31st February, 201311th November, 2013
Season 410th January, 201411th November, 2014
Season 521st January, 201511th November, 2015
Season 620th January, 20168th November, 2016
Season 78th December, 20167th November, 2017
Season 816th January, 201812th November, 2018
Season 923rd January, 20197th November, 2019
Season 1023rd January, 202010th November, 2020
Season 119th January, 2021Most Likely Conclude in November 2021

Season 11 LOL Pre-season Patch 10.23 Update

It has not been long since the introduction of the LOL preseason patch, and the feedback from the community is all over the place. It is evident that the expectations for season 11 will be higher than ever. So far, League of Legends is at the point where the casual and professional players are having a hard time figuring out how to deal with the changes. The overall gameplay is more imbalanced than ever, and aside from the champions and itemization overhauls, pre-season patch 10.23 also features a new Battlecast alongside six exclusive Resistance skins.

Currently, it is the testing phase and not the first time at that, as RIOT did ridiculous changes in the past as well. The players should be looking at the big picture as to what additional modifications will make their way into the League of Legends gameplay within the two month trial period before the launch of season 11. It will be even more thrilling to see what final changes will make their way after season 11 comes online. Until then, players have no choice left but to embrace what they have on their hands and wait until 9th January to mark the beginning of a new era in the world of League of Legends.

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