Why winning your placement games is crucial to start the season 9?

Each season in League of Legends begins with 10 placement games where all players have to win as many games as possible if they want to start the season in the highest division.
The rank where the players finished the last season sets the rank they will be in the next one. Some people can get pressured when they play these games and we can understand why.
You maybe know that the maximum division for all Diamond players and higher, is Platinum 1.
Usually, there is almost a full tier difference between the 2 seasons so it is decisive to win at least 7 or 8 games out of 10 if you don’t want to be too low in the ladder.
For example, if you were Platinum 1 in the end of the season 8 then you would need at least 8 wins to stay in the Platinum tier.
If you do a less effective result, then you might start the season in Gold and it will take you more games to get back to your real ranking.
A good option to avoid being in this situation is to let Challengers players do your placement matches so when your account is controlled by the boosters, you don’t need to be worried about it
It will save hours of games played and you won’t take any risk. So don’t hesitate anymore and let high elo players do all your placement matches for you.

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