Why would you need to buy elo boost?

When you buy elo boost, you don’t waste hours on the rift trying to carry low skilled players who are stopping yourself during your climb and even sometimes intentionnaly loosing games because of their behavior.
You can also use a LoL boost for your second account so that you can try new champions, new builds on a rank which is close to your main account.
When you spectate your elo boost, you notice few details that the booster is doing better than you, at a better timing and that can help you in your next games because you will know what you need to do and can make calls easily to finish the game faster.
You know what are the top heroes in the current meta that are powerfull enough to wins lanes, and to take enough minions to outfarm your opponent.
when you begin the game and you want to start playing with better players than you to learn faster than if you play agaisnt very low elo players. You become more competetitiv and less hesitant in your plays.
You gain more levels to unlock new champions that you may like and you also get new rewards.
So it’s overall a great technique for in LoL for people in lack of idea to get out of their rank.

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